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We deal in all aspects of investigation work including, debt collection, document serving, marital enquiries and all investigative work. See more below.....

Debtor Collections

If you are having trouble with outstanding debts we can help you. Outstanding debts can cause your business stress from lack of cashflow. Don't let people use you like an interest free bank.We collect all debts big or small, business or personal. We can take the to debt collection from the first approach which involves letters and a personal visit right through to any Court proceedings needed to collect you debt.If you are unsure where your debtor is we also offer a location service.We can advice you on your options and the costs in any and all court proceedings.All debts are collected on a percentage basis with a small account administration fee. In the case of some collections there may be no cost for our collection at all !!. Please enquire to see of you qualify.For a full list of the fee structure or any advice please contact me.

Document Serving

We are available to serve any documents from the Courts in regard to Civil proceedings. All documents are served at a cost of $40.00 plus GST within the area of the Rakaia river to Kaiapoi. Outside this area a small mileage charge also applies. We are not limited to court documents. If you have any other important documents that need to be delivered personally and urgently, we could be just who you are looking for. Please contact me for a map of our home area and to discuss your needs.

Martial Enquiries

Problems at home. You may have a suspicion about a partner or someone else close to you. We can help you find some resolution and perhaps put your fairs to rest. we provide a discreet service on surveillance and enquiries to help determine what is really going on. You will be furnished with regular progress reports and a full report on completion. All time is charged at the investigation rate. All matters will be dealt with by one of our licensed Private Investigators. This may male or female according to you preference. Please contact us for a fee schedule or any advice. Don't forget our advice is free !!.

Surveillance / Investigation

We have Private Investigators available now to deal with any surveillance or investigative work. Whether it be Employee vetting, location of missing persons or just straight surveillance work, we can help you. We will have an expert in the field you require. All time is charged at the Investigation rate. Please contact me for advice or a fee schedule.

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